Why is Product Placement Important? By Britt Carpenter

17 Apr , 2015  

Jennifer Lopez began her music video “On the Floor” showcasing a large crystal jewelry item being removed from a box containing the shimmering name of Swarovski. How did this impact the remainder of the video? Was JLo’s performance going to be surrounded by extravagant crystals? Rather, she then walked into a grungy club where any crystal present would appear out of place. The purpose of the dramatic opening focus on this brand name only occurred for one reason: product placement.


Funding music videos is not solely a label’s or performer’s responsibility. Without multiple brand names being strategically placed throughout multiple shots, the videos would become far less extravagant, and potentially less entertaining. A common product known for funding performers is the Beats by Dre brand. Lady Gaga used Beats products in both her “Just Dance” and “Poker Face” videos. Some of the many artists who have used this brand are Snoop Dogg, New Kidz on the Block, and Soulja Boy.


It’s no secret that celebrities are the ultimate trendsetters no matter what they are wearing or representing. This exact reason is why companies will pay top dollar to have their items appear, if only briefly, being used by these well-known performers. PQ media is a business known for conducting media research of all facets. They have concluded that for the year 2014 alone, branded entertainment revenue reached $73.27 billion, globally.


Material products are not the only items sporadically placed throughout music videos. Lady Gaga is also known for using Miracle Whip and other food items in her performances. However, without the right strategy behind displaying brand names, viewers can become turned off from the company. The magazine Short List released an online article of the absolute worst music videos using poorly constructed product placement. Among them, included Avril Lavigne’s “Rock N Roll,” opening with Lavigne introducing a Sony phone.


A Georgia based video agency called ECG Productions estimates that an average cost of hiring a director alone can range from $800-3500 per 10 hour day. Adding on producers, editors, cameramen, etc. helps demonstrate the importance of product placement funding. In the same regard, finding the millions of views per celebrity music video increases the chances of each product’s profitability.



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