Why Entertainment Companies Are Moving To Arizona & Catering To Independence

29 Apr , 2016  

If you haven’t noticed, Arizona is making it’s way to becoming a strong leader in the entertainment world. In what once was a vast desert known merely for it’s party school, sunshine and retirees, the valley is growing to become the hotspot for quality music, fashion and entrepreneurship. Don’t get things confused, it is not there 100 percent yet, but even celebs like Ray J and Rhianna have seen the future.

This new light has brought a lot of attention to Arizona’s deserted entertainment market, bringing in new perspectives and ideas that could be potential industry leading ventures. Not only has a rise in event experience and value been seen, but sustainable entrepreneurial ventures have come about as well. Companies like, Respect The Underground & Mividz Studios have experienced large boosts of recognition for their ability to accomplish feats in uniting Arizona entertainment that have yet to be seen.

Recently announced Talent Agent, Serial Entrepreneur & CEO Christian Phyfier, has acquired a new venture under the GPME Group umbrella, GPME Studios. This wasn’t announced in detail, but the hints about an all inclusive public relations, web design, digital media and recording studio opening in Scottsdale have been coming more and more to the light. The space is expected to house everything an entrepreneur may need to succeed at the cost effective membership rates the company currently offers. The GPME Group announced earlier this year that it would be starting the first of its kind membership based business model, and since the announcement you can see the immediate growth, taking the company from small shared workspaces, to a nearly 3k square foot building. The company caters to both entertainment and business based entrepreneurs alike, creating deals between large and small clients that generate win-win-win situations.

The CEO didn’t have much to say about the company when confronted, but in passing stated, “It’s something I don’t want to put a timeline on completing. It will be a place that encompasses all the services provided by the GPME Group itself, but the idea is to assist truly passionate entrepreneurs.  It’s not about over glorification or acknowledgement, simply about seeing others succeed, doing good business and allowing people the ability to manifest their dreams through my manifestation.”

GPME Studios Vice President, Sean Harper, gave a little more insight stating, “It’s like the Sam’s Club of Marketing Services. Members get to come in and get whatever they need done, no bargaining or searching for the best quality at the best price, its right here.”

While no official timeline has been given, the operation is in full effect, the newly acquired building is being renovated but sources say the young CEO’s demands to create a perfect place for opportunity are quite time consuming. We are estimating based on looking from the outside in, a May 1st grand opening, but its obvious the launch will be a surprise. Christian Phyfier was more revealing about his new application coming to the market in June 2016, creating the fastest and most innovative way to network on the planet.

“Think LinkedIn meets Tinder.” Says the mogul.

Nonetheless, 2016 is bringing great things for Arizona entertainment and its exciting to see it develop. We hope to see more coming from the state and hopefully more entertainers like Futuristic and businesses begin branching off and taking over the world.


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