Uprising of Feness Clothing

5 Dec , 2015  

Feness Clothing closes out 2015 in a major way as the brand makes it way to the TV screen. Rap artist/reality star Soulja Boy has been spotted wearing the brand on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop. Founder Osita Onyebuchi states that this wasn’t a paid endorsement, but he and Founder Sylvester Tucker are pleased to see the celebrity wearing the label.

“Soulja boy has been wearing the label since the summer,” said Onyebuchi. “I had no idea that he would be wearing it on the show.”

Onyebuchi mentioned that he has had multiple conversations with the artist expressing how much he liked the line. Throughout the season he’s seen wearing the hoodies and joggers from the line. A clip of Soulja Boy wearing the clothes can be seen here:


“To see the line on TV is definitely a blessing,” said Onyebuchi. “We know it’s a matter of time before we see it everywhere.”

According to Onyebuchi other celebrities have been seen sporting the label and he hopes many other do the same. Besides the launch of the line this year, the brand has been keeping busy expanding. Recently Feness Clothing dropped a Jewelry line focusing on necklaces and bracelets. The line also participated in Cyber Monday and Black Friday, giving shoppers some appreciation for their support.

Onyebuchi states that Feness Clothing will be appearing at the Agenda and Magic Trade Shows in Las Vegas in February during Valentine’s Day weekend. Shoppers can check out the brand for themselves at the website as well follow their Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.


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