Top 10 New Years Resolutions (Plus Apps) By Tyler Nishikawa

13 Dec , 2014  

Well guys it is almost that time again, with Christmas coming up and the new year it is almost time to make those new year resolutions. Or if you are like me it means you have a short amount of time to actually try to do the ones you set last time. Let’s face it, most people set up resolutions that they think they can stick to but end up failing before Valentines day.

So I decided to not only gather up the top ten resolutions people choose every year, I also got a list that provides you with apps that can help you in achieving those resolutions. Cause you know, we all need a little help once in a while.

1. Lose weight

Nutrino: Enter your current and target weights and food preferences and this app builds a personalized menu to bring you closer to your goal. (Free; iOS; Android coming soon)

2. Improve your finances

Budget Boss: Create a budget quickly and effortlessly—then watch your projected savings grow with easy-to-read graphs. ($0.99; iOS)

3. Exercise

Human: Commit to moving at least 30 minutes every day with this simple app, which uses location tracking to measure your activity and notifies you when you’re done. (Free; iOS)

4. Get a new job

Job Search: Find open positions near you and submit applications from your phone. (Free; iOS, Android)

5. Eat healthier

Fooducate: Scan grocery barcodes and get a nutrition grade from A to D with this award-winning app. (Free;iOS, Android).

6. Manage stress better

Take a Break!: Relax with 7- or 13-minute guided meditation audio tracks that let you choose between a voice, music, and nature sounds. (Free; iOS, Android)

7. Stop smoking

Quit Smoking: Enter your current smoking habits and this app will design a unique, gradual schedule to wean you off cigarettes. (Free; Android)

8. Improve a relationship

Back in Touch: Import your phone contacts and create settings on how frequently (monthly, weekly, etc.) you’d like to touch base with each of them. Then, the app reminds you to give ‘em a call at the interval you chose. ($1.99; iOS)

9. Stop procrastinating

Finish: Get stuff done with this app that lets you enter tasks and due dates (with flexible short term, mid term, and long term timelines), then reminds you until the job is done. ($0.99; iOS)

10. Set aside time for yourself

BRB: Need to unplug? Download this app that lets you craft a message that notifies your contacts you’re taking a break from your phone, which is shareable via Facebook, Twitter, or text. (Free; iOS)

Well there you go guys I hope you can use this information in some way or another. Remember your resolutions do now have to be large and ambitious, as long as you see it as an improvement then it is worth it.

Here’s a little personal story for the readers who don’t know when the main point of the article is over. When I was a wee lad I made it a point to never make new years resolutions. I always thought they were pointless because I never heard of people sticking to them. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that the point of these resolutions is not to see how many you can achieve in a year, it is to set a goal for yourself and have something to strive for. Studies have shown multiple times that our brains are geared for working towards goals, knowing you are getting closer to achieving your goal releases dopamine in your head that makes you feel better. If you make progress towards a goal every day or as often as you can it not only makes you feel better but it gives you the confidence to do more in your life. It could be as big as running every morning or as little as not eating that nine o’clock bowl of cereal. As long as you feel good about what you are doing then good will always come from it.

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