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This weeks Featured Phenom: Kendra Scott Founder of DCF Clothing Brand

3 Sep , 2014  

This weeks Featured Phenom is a young lady who has toughed out more than most to make her dreams come to reality. Kendra Scott, no not the jeweler, but the young African American lesbian woman who’s battled every battle there is, but still continues to thrive in the face of adversity.

In 2012 she set out to do something that was entirely new to her and was definitely not what she studied at Arizona State University. She decided she wanted to make apparel for women just like her. Lesbian women, that carried a since of swag that not many apparel companies could tackle. Masculine apparel that fit just right. “Masculine women can’t just wear mens apparel, we still have boobs!” she stated. So she went into the lab and conducted research on how to make shirts that fit better and still give off the flavor of style that all lesbian women still desire.

Bam in 2 short years, DCF Clothing was invented and has grown exponentially. The shirts are epic, and they match the bold personality of outspoke women of the LGBT community. Kendra is backed by a strong team of entrepreneurial minds, her biggest influence, CMO Marquita Johnson, and together they have taken their place as leaders in the community despite what society tells them is not allowed and they remain positive in seeing their vision grow.

Much respect to this young lady and her team from the Phenomz Empire, and we can guarantee to begin seeing the DCF logo in more places come 2015.

Check out her apparel at



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