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29 Sep , 2014  


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Global Phenomz recently had the pleasure to sit with the Founders of Elite Aces, a clothing company based out of Arizona. As we sat with Founders, Phillip Jewell & Jordan Cooks, we learned the passion behind the brand. Much like the Phenomz Brand, Elite Aces has a certain foundation that inspires others to be the very best that they can and “Defy Societies Expectations.”

We sat and picked the brain of the two founders and got to see what goes on in the minds of these ambitious young men. If you go no further make sure you at least go check out their site and extremely classy and unique designs.

Q: When did you guys decide to start Elite Aces Clothing and why this name?

A: We came up with the concept in early 2013 but it was official June 2013. For us it was simple, yet powerful and classy. A play on words, telling everyone to be the Best, Elite, person you can be, no matter who you are or what you do, from teachers to athletes.

Q: Why this company?

A: It can be used to inspire and spread positivity. A great way to make people feel good about themselves. Clothing is a representative of the person.

Q: What types of apparel do you guys sell now and hope to sell in the future?

A: Currently we sell quality shirts, tanks and similar upper body wear, but we are planning to move into hoodies, crew necks Ts, and yoga apparel really soon.

Q: What inspires you guys to move forward?

A: Spreading the positive message, we are inspired to inspire. But of course growth and development, and financial freedom. Seeing our idea become more of a reality.

Q: If you guys weren’t running this company what else do you see yourself doing?

A: Head strong into school majoring in sociology. Doing something that still inspires others to better themselves.

Q: What would you say sets you apart from other brands similar to yours?

A: We do not promote drugs or us sex as our main way to sell. We keep a very clean image, with no select demographic. “Simplicity with a positive message.”

Q: If there was one celebrity that represents your brand best, who would that be? Why?

A: Larry Fitzgerald for sure, he has a great mentality, extremely humble and active in the community. He is beyond an Ace, he’s an Elite Ace, that is over the top of the basics of what is considered to be a great athlete in the game. He’s a great human being on top of that.

Be sure to check out more about what is going on with Elite Aces on their Facebook page:

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