Things 2015 Could Go Without

18 Nov , 2014  


Thanks to social media, there’s a list a mile long ranging from lingo to fashion that have been beaten into the ground. As we enter 2015, let’s say goodbye to some of the things that should be left in 2014.

It be nice to walk around and not hear someone not looking for a Bae, even pretending to have one. Let’s go back to the days before nudes were being exposed and screenshots ran rampant on Twitter. Remember the time hashtags made sense and everybody posed normally? Those were simpler times and let us pray 2015 doesn’t have the following:

What is a Thot? For those who aren’t familiar with it stands for (T)hat (H)oe (O)ver (T)here. The term came about in the last part of 2013 and carried well over into 2014. Besides it being another derogatory term against women, the common problem with it is that everything became a Thot. The term makes little sense to begin with grammar wise, but now people use the term to refer to inanimate objects. An apple is a Thot, a car is a Thot, and yes, even a pencil is a Thot. Learn how to use the word or better yet leave it in 2014.

There’s no problem with enhancing the brows you’ve got. A good thick brow does wonders to a face. But these eyebrows, these unearthly eyebrows have taken over Instagram feeds all over the country. Leaving heavy, badly drawn on eyebrows in 2014 would be a benefit too all, especially those wearing them. No more should we see Instagram posts with #Fleek below some misguided brows that are shaded too much and shaped in the wrong direction. No they aren’t “on fleek”. And speaking of that word…

The new pesky word Fleek. It began appearing along side with the pesky eyebrows. The phrase “on fleek” is popularly used to state how great something is or looks. Both genders are guilty of this term and at this point just making up words. Saying it out loud it just sounds pesky, hearing it repeated daily to refer to miniscule things it gets annoying. Don’t be suprised if you see a thanksgiving post on Instagram and Twitter with the #onfleek. This article is #onfleek by the way.

Another thing I think we’re all tired of seeing are relationship memes. They’ve taken over our timelines coming from men and women. You’ve seen them, a couple doing something mundane with a simple quote such as “Relationship Goals” or my personal favorite “What’s understood doesn’t have to be explained.” Most people who are guilty of posting these memes forget what it takes to have a real relationship and let these pictures fill their dreams. A romantic gesture, but a stupid one at the end of the day.

The list goes on and on of things that 2015 could go with out. We could stop over popularizing rap lyrics. Thank God “Or nah” is finally dying out. Wish we could say the same for “0 to 100 real quick” or “About a week ago”. We can go out without group ratings of each other on social media because some of you are just cruel. We could also go without you posting a picture of everybody you say good morning to on Instagram (it’s not gonna get you out the friendzone any faster). We could stop the thirst traps, posting half naked pictures to draw the attention of the opposite or same sex. Let’s say goodbye to all of these and more and hope 2015 brings us better.



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