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The 2014 Phenomz Desert Reign Award Announcement

11 Aug , 2014  

Starting this year, 2014, Global Phenomz, Phenomz Entertainment & major sponsor, Two22 Radio will come together to announce 5 hip hop artists whom they see as Arizona’s most dedicated, creative and lyrical artists for the year. Each artist will receive various prizes from Phenomz Ent. but the most exclusive being the cover of Phenomz Magazine, a nationwide press release, featured on the Global Phenomz website, and the infamous Hip Hop Cypher Music Video giving each artist their personal time to shine. Phenomz Entertainment ┬ámakes it known that they will never make a bold announcement as to when the event begins, or when they will announce the Desert Reign winners. There is no fan based voting process, and the only way to actually get submitted directly is through a member or employee of the company. Don’t worry though, work hard and the judging panel is bound to come across your music and give you the title.

With that said After months of researching and taking inside submissions, the judges panel has found the 2014 Desert Reign Award recipients. Check below and see if any of these artists fall under your favorite local artist! Leave a comment as to whom you think will rip the Cypher the best, and leave feedback as to how you feel about this years lineup!

Remember the hunt never ends for the next years Desert Reign recipients, you definitely could hold the crown in

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