South Carolina DJ Dreams Of A Different Success

4 Sep , 2014  

Enter the club and become hypnotized by the bouncing lights on the dance floor. Become enticed by the beat that fills the body and makes it move to erratic sounds. Feel the adrenaline rush as the bass comes closer, controlled by a music maven. In the midst of grooving bodies, beats and scratches there lies the master of the board, controller of all: the DJ.

Many hold the power of the tunes, but fewer rise to the spotlight. For some the fame is always the end result, but for others its just the simple success. For DJ LewisLace the dream is to be a venue owner so he may help other DJs and producers rise up. It’s a humble notion that LewisLace aka Robert Hampton Jr. hopes to see come true.

“I ‘m planning to build enough credit as a DJ to eventually own my own venue. It’s been a dream of mine since I became a DJ,” Hampton said.

The optimistic DJ resides in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and has been working for the last three years to gain a following and more experience. He got his start doing college nights with local clubs in Conway/Myrtle Beach and Columbia, SC and earned a previous resident spot at the local 7th District Hookah in Myrtle Beach. He has traveled as far as Los Angeles for his art and continues to travel up and down the east coast to perform. He recently traveled to Wilmington, NC to perform at Pravda Nightclub and has several negotiations in the works including a couple of guest mixes and club residencies.

“Right now I’m just trying to build my resume and build connections with the people I meet through being a DJ,” Hampton said. “I’ve been able to gain a following and meet people in places such as Nevada and even Russia.

If ever in attendance of his set you can expect to dance to upbeat genres that feature Baltimore and Jersey club music from the up and coming artist. Those not so lucky to be able to watch the magic in person can check out his music at

For DJ LewisLace its his job to set the mood and keep the crowd entertained. There lies the struggle as according to Hampton its not easy keeping people concentrated as he has to multi task his concentration as well. But he remains 100 percent in the moment as he stays dedicated to the crowd and his dream.

Overall being a DJ has it’s ups and downs as Hampton has made sacrifices for his love of the art, but he notes that he’ll never give it up.

” Its a personal and professional struggle.You lose sleep and relationships doing this creative thing you can’t help but to do. It’s definetly hard when you’re first starting off.,” Hampton said. “There’s such more to being a DJ than people realize.”

Hampton said that he is pursuing being a DJ full time while still having a full time a job to support his creative side. He hopes to see his dream of owning a venue come dream and appreciates the help he has had along the way. By having his own venue he’ll be able to control every aspect, helping those who are fighting their way to the spotlight like himself. The ultimate goal of helping others succeed makes LewisLace a breath of fresh air and gem for future entertainment. An easy going person, the DJ invites people to get to know him more and watch his success through twitter @lewislace.

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