“Coupled” Cast Member Alicia Blanco Gives Insight On Her Life, Career & What It Takes To Succeed!

29 Sep , 2015  

Phenomz Nation: What was childhood like for you? 

Alicia Blanco: Amazing. I truly had the best childhood full of love and family… and food! I have so many incredible memories with my little sister especially. We had it good, real good.

Phenomz Nation: What about your childhood do you think shaped your career path today?

Alicia Blanco: The movie Selena coming out was a pivotal time. It’s when I discovered I could sing. Also, growing up my sister and I would always pretend we were on the news, reporting and interviewing – and now that’s what we both do in our careers!

Phenomz Nation: What was the most difficult hardship you experienced on the road to success and how did you overcome it?

Alicia Blanco: LA is crazy competitive – and sometimes competition doesn’t bring out the best in people. It was “culture shock” to meet (and be gravely disappointed) by a lot of people in the industry with whom I previously admired and respected. I overcame that time by pressing forward and surrounding myself with amazing people. I am now very picky and selective with who I allow into my life. Solid and genuine friendship support and encouragement is crucial!

Phenomz Nation: Who inspires you most to continue to pursue your dreams?

Alicia Blanco: My little sister! She’s always been more like the older sister between us. She is way more mature than I’ve ever been and i look up to her more than she’ll ever know!

Phenomz Nation: Of all your skill sets which one do you enjoy doing the most?

Alicia Blanco: I am really fortunate that I am truly in love with both singing and hosting equally. I get such a rush of energy and excitement doing both. When i’m singing, it almost feels like I’m having an out of body experience. So I guess that one wins.

Phenomz Nation: What’s your ultimate goal, where do you see yorself at the peak of your career?

Alicia Blanco: I want Grammys and I want to interview people at the Grammys. Why not!?

Phenomz Nation: What do you tPhenomz_Nation_AliciaBlancohink is the biggest distraction that stop entertainers from succeeding, and what do you feel is the cure for that distraction?

Alicia Blanco: FEAR is the ultimate distraction. It lies to you and tells you you’re not good enough or worthy of success. The only cure that works (for me) is my faith in God and knowing God gave me these talents, so why wouldn’t He want me to use them? And, if He is for me, who can be against me!?

Phenomz Nation: What are you working on now that fans can expect in the future?

Alicia Blanco: I’ve been in and out of studios all over LA working on anything I can to exercise my voice and develop my sound! I would love to have my own original content done by the end of the year and majorly increase my YouTube channel and social media! That’s what does it these days. I love getting feedback and responding to people who request songs or leave amazing comments. I am so thankful to anyone who takes the time to listen and support me!


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