Rumors Director Abraham Doe’s Trial 2020 Tv Series Prepares For Theaters & Television in 2015

4 Oct , 2014  

Since the release of Trial 2020’s Episode 1 a month ago, questions have been swarming as to what will come next. Director Abraham Doe has given many hints on his Facebook page that episode 2 for the series is currently in post production and that possibly the series could be going to Theater and Television in the very near future. A member of Phenomz Media Productions, the current cinematography contract holder for the series states:

“Director Abraham Doe has a lot up his sleeves, and his ideas for the show are huge. He (Doe) is using all of his personal resources, plus the companies resources to make this stretch as far and wide as possible and it’s actually happening. As he likes to say. . .The Ground Is Shaking”


“His plan behind the show is very intriguing and is definitely made for Tv. New castings are being brought up daily for new roles far down the line, which means that in our view, there is no end to this for a very long time. So expect the most.”

Check out the list of actors and actresses on IMDB and if you have yet to see the first episode of Trial 2020, be sure to watch it exclusively here now.


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