Phenomz Stephanie Sotelo Rocks Latest Fashion Show Despite A Wardrobe Malfunction?? IG @StephanieeeSotelo

4 Oct , 2014  

Wooopsy! In Stephanie Sotelo’s (IG @StephanieeeSotelo) last fashion show she had everyone in the audience wondering if there was a Wardrobe Malfunction or apart of the outfit. Regardless the young model and actress handled it so well and continued to rip the runway Phenomenally! Check out her photos below, and be sure to find her on IG @StephanieeeSotelo¬†Stephanie_Sotelo_Global_Phenomz4Stephanie_Sotelo_Global_Phenomz5
Stephanie_Sotelo_Global_Phenomz3 Stephanie_Sotelo_Global_Phenomz2 Stephanie_Sotelo_Global_Phenomz

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