Phenomz Nation’s Exclusive Interview W/ DJ Digga

14 Jul , 2015  

Phenomz Nation: How long have you been DJing and at what age did you decide that this is something you wanted to do?

I have been DJing for about 13 years. I started to learn how to DJ when I was about 15 years old from my Aunts boyfriend at the time. At that time I did not have “DJ” in front of my name since I was learning. I took time off for college and to start a family. I came back to it when I was 20 since I was working at Universal Record/ Def Jam/ Interscope Record as a mail boy.

Phenomz Nation: Who are/were some of your biggest supporters to get where you are?

I have some great people that support and push me to be the best DJ I can be. To name a few people DJ XXXotic Mami, she is my business partner/friend/manager she believed in me when I was grinding to get my name out there. My sister Simone her support I can’t do without. She comes to events and when we talk she holds no punches always keeps it 100 with me. My brother/ photographer Kalvin he is one of the people that got me where I am, he created my logo, he helps with my image, and like my sister will always keep it 100% real no matter what. Karma, my assistant she’s new, but her drive to get me out there and her loyalty is unmatched. My Aunt Tasha gotta love this woman, she’s always got my back, supports everything I do even the things she’s not into. I don’t want to miss any one so here goes, my mother, grandmother, brothers, my children, wife, x-wife, xtreme104fm family.

Phenomz Nation: When did the name Digga come about and how?

My mother gave me the name Digga when I was like 1 or 2 years old. She say it was because I was always into something or getting into something.

Phenomz Nation: Since the start of your career, what are some of your favorite moments and who are some of your favorite people you’ve worked with.

The road trips on the Xtreme Freshmen Tour in 2014 was the dopest moment I have had. That tour has made me more of a beast when it comes to promotion. I have worked with a lot great people and independent artist and to name names I will forget someone. So to name a favorite would be unfair.

Phenomz Nation: We see you have a new project coming soon, can you tell us more about it?

Yes! Love Loyalty Respect. This is my 3rd independent artist mixtape. This mixtape is the boom-bap that we have been missing in Hip-hop. I have artist like Pooktalife, Reem Ali, Absooloot, Nay Nillz, Rockboy G’z, China Mac, just to name a few that give you that hardcore NY music that we need. I’m not saying I’m trying to bring NY back because we did not go anywhere, this mixtape is to give you that music that you want to play over and over again. This is that rider music, that bump it in your ride, this is that mixtape that you will hear being played in the park.

Phenomz Nation: Whats new about this project? What do you feel it will give that other DJs are lacking?

What’s new is that this is a project that no other DJ will give you. DJs currently host mixtapes so you’ll get them to say something in the beginning and that’s it. This project shows you that a DJ is 100% behind this. This project gives you the scratching, the bring it back to the top, the hype behind the record that DJs  currently are not giving you.

Phenomz Nation: Whats the plan or ultimate goal for yourself? Is it to remain independent or what?

My plan is to gain a residence in a few clubs, but my  ultimate goal is to do a 6 months to  a year spot light in Las Vegas and to be on tour. I would love to travel the world to DJ clubs in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. Being independent has been great for me but I would like to be signed as a DJ to recorded company to have them help push my projects, work with producers, artist and put my stamp on this entertainment business.

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  1. Thanks for the shout brother. Much appreciated. Make sure you all check out Love Loyalty Respect, the mixtape!

    Check me out as well for your photo needs. You see the name, #letswork


  3. robert grady says:

    Exclusive interview it really help us know and understand more about Dj digga much love and continue to stay blessed GFTM the movement support you nice photos ya digg on da hat much love

  4. Toni says:

    Hey djdigga..very indepth interview..I see you doing your thing..much love

  5. La Tasha says:

    I listen to Dj Digga on Xtreme104 on Saturdays. He showcased some good independent artists on his show! I’ve also heard one of his mixtapes, W͟I͟F͟Y͟ v͟s͟. S͟I͟D͟E͟C͟H͟I͟C͟K͟. I was feeling most of the tracks on it, especially the one with Jadakiss on it. I’m glad to hear that he has a new mixtape coming out. I’ll be copping that and the one before this one too!

  6. Alfreda says:

    The interview gave me more insight about you. I knew your passion for music just didn’t no the depth of it. Keep up the good work. I like to get your next mixtape. God bless you.

  7. Sunshine says:

    If my boyfriend(at the time) was here he would be so proud of you like I am. Keep it up and going you are doing your thing.That’s my nephew DJDIGGA

  8. Karma says:

    Keep shining and doing what you do and like always I will keep supporting you and pushing you to show your full potential.and just like your mixtape you will keep getting that love loyalty and respect #winning

  9. Absooloot says:

    I see you playboy, salute!!! Thanks 4 placement.y’all check out that “tite pockets” trk by me myself & I…also my squad joint “hammer clap” but the whole mixtape is fever! One

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