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Demi Lovato Undercover Lyft Rides, See The Reactions

3 Sep , 2016   Video


Demi Lovato decided to visit her old Camp Rock disney days and chauffeured around some unexpected fans. Not all of the riders were as kind with words but the majority of the reactions were hilarious and you can tell very real.  Take a look

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S.1 Ep.1 Toilet Humor Reviews – “Don’t Breathe”

29 Aug , 2016   Video


Episode 1 of Toilet Humor Reviews goes over newly released movie “Don’t Breathe” Directed By: Chad Dooley Hosted By: Andrew Tougas Produced By: Oversight Media Group Visit

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Generation Single W/ Candace Damiani Coming Soon (Photos)

26 Aug , 2016   Gallery



Why Entertainment Companies Are Moving To Arizona & Catering To Independence

29 Apr , 2016  


If you haven’t noticed, Arizona is making it’s way to becoming a strong leader in the entertainment world. In what once was a vast desert known merely for it’s party school, sunshine and retirees, the valley is growing to become the hotspot for quality music, fashion and entrepreneurship. Don’t get things confused, it is not […]


Uprising of Feness Clothing

5 Dec , 2015  


Feness Clothing closes out 2015 in a major way as the brand makes it way to the TV screen. Rap artist/reality star Soulja Boy has been spotted wearing the brand on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop. Founder Osita Onyebuchi states that this wasn’t a paid endorsement, but he and Founder Sylvester Tucker are pleased to […]

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Phenomz Nation Exclusive Interview W/ Jake Eff

10 Nov , 2015   Video


  Jake Eff has bars! The kid spit for us forever it was hard to narrow down the footage. . .Be sure to check out his social media and his video above. . . As long as he continues to discover more of his own lane we can guarantee him being a competitor in the […]


“Coupled” Cast Member Alicia Blanco Gives Insight On Her Life, Career & What It Takes To Succeed!

29 Sep , 2015  


Phenomz Nation: What was childhood like for you?  Alicia Blanco: Amazing. I truly had the best childhood full of love and family… and food! I have so many incredible memories with my little sister especially. We had it good, real good. Phenomz Nation: What about your childhood do you think shaped your career path today? […]


From Gymnast to Singer & Actress, Phenomz Nation Features & Reviews Shaina Wexler

19 Sep , 2015  


It seems in today’s time to be a successful entertainer you have to be multi-faceted. In a recent conversation between our journalist team and the GPME Group’s CEO, Founder and Entertainment Agent, Christian Phyfier, he said he does not sign most clients unless they have multiple skill sets. Shaina Wexler is beyond multi-faceted. Mastering music […]


Ruby Woo’s Single “Can’t Leave Him Alone” – Phenomz Nation Review

10 Sep , 2015   Video


Classic music meets classic style artistry! Ruby Woo and her single “Cant leave him alone” set the tone for underground Pop culture. Her style resembling a newer age, slightly more stylish Jennifer Hudson is one that is difficult to pull off and maintain but she does it well! She does a very good job of keeping […]

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Monique Larson’s “Independence Is Freedom” Feature

31 Aug , 2015   Video

Phenomz_Nation_Monique3 Larson is a beautiful young entertainer with major raw talent! We initially found her for her modeling abilities until she accidentally disclosed that she could sing LOL. Below you can check out her photos and you can watch her feature video here. Find her on IG 


Check Out 6 Year Old Actress Kaya Rose Davis

18 Aug , 2015  


Kaya Davis. . Sounds like the name of a celebrity huh? This 6 year old actress and model is on her way to becoming just that!  You can tell merely by looking at her Instagram, the girl’s modeling abilities are soon to be endless. Her talent seems to be way more than a parent living their […]


Focus – “sIGHT&sOUND” Extended Retail Single Release

14 Aug , 2015  

Focus - “sIGHT&sOUND”

Extended Retail Single Release from the album “aNALOG iN a dIGITAL wORLD” the A.R.M. / CREATE.Digital Music “Sound without focus is just noise.” IMMEDIATE RELEASE: LOS ANGELES, CA – 2x Grammy-winning, Aftermath Entertainment, producer, musician, Focus…(3dots), releases the single, “sIGHT&sOUND” from the album “A|dW” – an acronym for ‘Analog in a Digital World.’ “sIGHT&sOUND is […]

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Phenomz Nation’s Jalahl Jr. “Independence Is Freedom” Feature

9 Aug , 2015   Video


Jalahl Jr. is one of Phenomz Music Entertainment’s  (P.M.E.) first signed artists. His style is unique and his lyrics make the listener think twice. His artistry is unmatched and the company as always has believed that he is ahead of his time. His time will come very soon though and the world will hear his […]

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Jonathan Mercado “Independence Is Freedom” Feature

3 Aug , 2015   Video


Jonathan Mercado aka “Super Mercado” is a young Puerto Rican boxer. His work ethic and skill are phenomenal and his desire to win is unmatched. When ask why he fights he said, “I fight for my son and family, to show them that with hard work and dedication you can do anything.” Follow him on […]

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Phenomz Nation: 10 Questions With Independent Model Izzy Lopez

31 Jul , 2015  


Phenomz Nation: How old are you and where are you from? Im 22 years old. Its always hard to answer this question because I’ve moved so many times as a kid. I was born in San Francisco, California. I was only in California for a few months after being born. I’ve lived in California, Maryland, […]