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22 Oct , 2014  


The trends of music have taken an interesting turn as the popularity of “ turnt” reaches new heights. With new artists constantly emerging, the sub-genre seems like it won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Fans of the music can be seen “turning up” as they listen to artists such as 2 Chainz and Future. Some could say they are a rowdy bunch, yelling along with the music, guzzling their liquor and idolizing the lyrics. Others find them entertaining, an energetic group that has taken advantage of being young and having fun. DJs, rappers and producers seem to have mixed emotions as well when it comes to the music and the rappers.

Rapper/producer, Chris Maxwell (@mishuba) shares his thoughts on the popular music.

“The current trend right now is to be mainstream about sex, money and drugs,” Maxwell said. “People think rappers have to be thugs, back in the 80’s it was the total opposite.”

The “Turn Up” phenomenon has often faced criticism of lacking depth in their lyrics, endorsing a too care-free lifestyle and showing a misogynist attitude. K Camp makes a memorable stance on a romance gone awry with his hit single “Cut Her Off”. Filled with a callous hook, the song tells a story of a relationship gone afoul and how easy it is to end it.

On the other hand, Maxwell believes that the music is designed to give a sense of fun and show the carefree nature of being single, young and earning money. Some would say you should never take these lyrics too serious and learn to enjoy the music. To become “turnt” one needs to be hyped to the fullest, whether responsibly by alcoholic beverages or the flow of the tracks.

DJ DesiP (@djwp) has some similar views on the style of turning up. Despite the typical nature of the music, she loves it. She believes the trend is a great addition to the rap genre and loves the vibe the catchy beats give off.

“To me the beat is the most important,” DJ DesiP said. “You’ve got 8 seconds to grab my attention before I’m on to the next.”

This highlights the huge factor of how the beats are the prized possession in the trendy music. Popular dances such as the nae-nae and shmoney dance arose from the beats that can give us a nice bass line and auto tunes. And let’s not forget twerking, the biggest dance craze that highlights the glory of a big posterior. French Montana and Juicy J are some of the popular artists that gave us some big hits to twerk to. These are just some of the artists that have managed to break into mainstream, there countless more that have contributed to the sub-genre.

Though the turn up trend may be lacking the depth some people are looking for, DJ DesiP asks the question does every song have to have a deep lyrical meaning?

“Look at Common for example, he is lyrically profound but his beats aren’t entertaining,” DJ DesiP said.

Despite the growing stability of this trendy sound, Maxwell believes that rap music is losing individuality and purpose. He believes rappers like Kendrick Lamar seem to be the beacon of shining light for diverse rappers who are in tune with themselves and aren’t caught up about want people want to hear.

Rapper Jermaine “Jay C” Collier (jermainecollierjr) shares the same opinion as Maxwell and isn’t a huge fan of the current trending music.

“The atmosphere of the music is cool but I don’t listen to it a lot,” JC said. “It’s not something I can listen to daily.”

The rapper admits to taking a different approach on lyrics than his musical colleagues, choosing to focus on different areas of topic.

Whether you like this trending music or not it has made a strong impression on today’s society. However you chose to define it and its artist, you can’t get away from it. It’s become popular in the clubs, thriving in its natural element as the DJ plays Rae Sremmurd and Young Thug. It’s gained a following that continues to contribute to popular culture, negatively and positively. Like crunk music, snap music and reggaeton it may eventually find its day in the spotlight over.

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