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Is Intellect’s New Track “Exhausted” Taking A Shot At Cali/Arizona Rapper JReal Da Realest??

20 Sep , 2016  

Have New Age Politics grown so tired of counterfeit rappers that they are willing to start feuds with them? “Sayin’ you the realest, really you just the next con,” is directly quoted from Intellect’s new single. Fans are speculating that when the group is talking about a rapper claiming they are the realest, they are referring to Jreal Da Realest a Phoenix artist who comes from South Central Los Angeles. Fans are even saying that the lyric “finding soulless rappers to expose them, that’s the only motive,” is accusing other rappers of being fraudulent.

Fans are not only going crazy because of the potential dispute, they’re also hyped about the group’s new single. Although the group identifies as progressive hip-hop, their new song brings back some old school techniques, furthering their legitimacy as an authentic rap group that are truly representing what hip-hop was intended to be.

Listen to “Exhausted” by New Age Politic’s Intellect produced by 21 the producer below and tell us what you think:

Article By: Lauren Hart


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