Importance Of Black Twitter – Victoria Briggs

30 Jun , 2015  

A social media uprising has happened as melanin has taken over twitter. The twitter identity known as Black Twitter consists of those rocking natural hair, fades, weaves, shea butter and a certain dopeness. These users are known to be ruthless, unforgiving, and hilarious and shout the voice of a people that has often been silenced. Black humor makes its way to the forefront as users provide their daily thoughts. On any given day LeBron’s hairline could be the topic of conversation as user’s trade jokes, memes and videos. Another day users are acting as investigative reporters as they watch Catfish or share their feelings on incidents such as Rachael Dolezal. #Poormichelle, a popular trending topic, gets constant laughs as the  forgotten member of Destiny’s Child is ridiculed at the expense of being the red headed step child.  Coming in second is the $200 dollar date debate followed by the HBCU vs PWI, a never ending discussion with no agreement. The users are entertaining daily and cracking jokes that spare no feelings, no matter who you are.

Though known for its humor, most recently Black Twitter has been making headlines with their social activism. In today’s news, racial injustices having been taking over the scene and filling most with an uneasy feeling. The fallen including the recent Charleston 9 and Walter Scott have Black Twitter in arms over the deaths that have avoided immediate action from the police and government officials as well as spurred negative images from the media. The tweets have been showing different perspectives of the riots and protesScreen Shot 2015-06-30 at 12.07.00 AMts, allowing the public to realize there may be a different truth to what the media is depicting. Users’ photos have surfaced of Baltimore citizens cleaning up after the riots, lining up to protect the police officers and showing the peaceful protests that did take place. The rally of South Carolina residents protesting the Confederate flag hanging at the Statehouse have also garnered attention as well racist photos of the suspect that had been uncovered by twiter users.



The darker tones of twitter have expressed the importance of making sure that all sides of the truth are being depicted as well as letting the media know their disdain for their reporting. Media outlets such as CNN and Fox News have been getting it from all sides from Black Twitter who per usual were quick to give an opinion and show the media’s shortcoming. Twitter now has become the main source for much news that mainstream refuses to report or overlooks. With the recent events of the Charleston Shooting, twitter users have continued to call out the news sources creating trending topics such as #CNNbelike.

Not only has Black Twitter been standing up for racial injustices, but for culture and gender injustices as well. There has been instances of cultural appropriation that garnered their own attention. Big lips were made the new “It” thing and attributed to Kylie Jenner. Fashion magazines dubbed the reality star the trendsetter of big lips and the backlash followed from those whose big lips have been typically downed by the media.  Black women of twitter didn’t stand for the cultural diss nor did they stand for the sexism instilled into today’s society. Trending topics made their way into timelines discussing every aspects of women’s lives regarding men. The popular #YouOkSis spurred numerous hashtags that help show the street harassment that women face as well as the daily sexism many are told to ignore and accept as the norm.

The priority of Black Twitter is growing as it helps fight racism and other injustices towards minorities. Once looked upon as something trivial, this social media app is proven to be effective and even life changing. The news and humor resulted from twitter shows that something that isn’t being done for those who’ve been silenced must now take things into their own hands. Without the knowledge dropped by these young kings and queens, some known news and experiences may have never made it to the spotlight. Trendsetting and substantial, Black Twitter shows how black unity has grown and will continue to fight and as well as make the timeline laughable.

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