Phenomz Nation Interview with Producer Sean “Cool Ruck” Carter

2 Feb , 2015  

Sean "Cool Ruck" Carter

Sean “Cool Ruck” Carter

1. Are you just a music producer or do you take on any other aspects of music as well?

~ Yes I do have other roles. I am a label owner as well a writer/producer. My latest challenge is management but it’s still early so we shall see. Lol

2. What/who are your biggest music influences?

~ That may be Impossible for me to Anwser that because there is so much I like and so much that has shaped me but a few would be old r n b and pop music composers, eclectic music, african music, salsa, and hip hop done with the intent to    grow the brand of hip hop.

Composers – barry white, burt bacharach

Salsa – victor manuelle

Eclectic – portis head

Africa – I’m really digging Davido right now…Dope

Hip Hop …that list is for ever…cool g rap doesn’t get credit, nas, kendrick lamar…. i could go forever


3. What were some of your major complications getting to where you at today? What are some of your complications getting to the next level?

~ I use to think it was all money and contacts but I was wrong. Preparation and focus when no one is looking and how hard are you working is the key. That’s the internal complication to the “now” and the next level. Externally, it’s the usual thing artist go through, which is changing for the better but it’s still trying to please someone that may not feel u today and Tomorrow the same work will move them. That’s another book. Lol but at the same time it applies to the struggle and complications.


4. What do you do to stay focused and keep proceeding? Any special techniques or secrets that individuals who aspire to be in your shoes could use?

~ It’s easy for me because I am in love with the process of the sound the vocals the marriage of ideas etc. the tips I would give is to master something.  Piano guitar drums and listening to everything and learn from all genres. The thing that works for me is driving. I have no idea what it is but driving gives me all kinds of ideas. Every morning when i wake up i just have all kinds of ideas that come to me.


5. You worked with Rich Cole on the “54 bars” single and a few other tracks on the album, what can you say about your experience working with that camp?

~ A team after my own heart and thinking.  that what a great experience because of the coastal difference.  my southern eclectic roots and his west coast cool…it made magic for sure. they are challenging the game to grow the game.  thats what rich and the team does.  therichtape does that for sure. those guys are special and you will hear and see them everywhere soon.


6. What more can we expect from you in the 2015 year?

~ I have a project that i did in sweden with swedish raprer Salif. that should be out this year.  dope project. you will hear a lot more from cool ruckus records and dirty white kicks remix company. we remix songs for artist looking to expand the life of a single or rejuvinate their career or simply to buy more time to complete a project. as a producer, expect more with rich cole, lil marco (atl r n b artist) Knotch, LA based artist/producer. Nia Holloway which is currently touring the world with Disney’s the Lion King. Ming, super dope writer.  Just so much going on but thats the most immediate.

7. What are your goals for this year and your overall career?

~ EXPAND.  pushing Salif, Knotch, Nia Holloway and other the label releases. i think we are all capable of a lot more than we currently do.  I’m no different.  As stated before, management is coming up consistently, more production opportunities, touring for sure and staying above ground is key. Lol


8. What drives you daily to continue to get up everyday and pursue your dreams?

~ Not to get to deep in the spiritual for this interview but the man above told me in a dream i had recently that its time so i won’t doubt that.  I’ve done it organically for so long that to hear that was validation that we did it without compromising what we really like to do.  not trying to produce something thats not my zone and what i feel. i think what i have, just lie many others, is different and necessary.


9. Any Shout outs?

~ God and My Family, you for sure, Pro and create digital music, Knotch, Jaque Beatz, Rich Cole and charles coleman from TheAbiatorz, Left Eye, GPME Group, Nia Holloway, Ming, Riitersbloc (pronounced writers block) and Dirty White Kicks


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