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11 Nov , 2014  

PRLog – Nov. 11, 2014 – PHOENIX

As Christian Phyfier and the GPME Group come upon the last quarter of the year, the announcement was made early September that there would in fact be another division of the Entertainment Group launching in November. January 2015 will mark the company’s 3rd year of operation and the company has already diversified its portfolio from owning a clothing brand & magazine, to its very own in-house online livestreamed tv and radio platforms, to simply name a few. So whats next for the company? It seems a full service, in-house Entertainment Promotions company is its newest branch to help spread positive vibes and create great entertainment.

After months, nearly years, of head hunting. The CEO found himself blown away by the passion and business mind of Love & Lace Az Founder Alexandra Munter during an interview with her for Phenomz Magazine.  The two struck a match after discussing business opportunities for 3 weeks and deciding that her leading this new division could be a great move. Alexandra Munter is a graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in marketing. She is best known for her local boutique in Tempe, Az, where Love & Lace is housed and she does personal appointments for clients looking for classy and stylish lingerie outfits for any occassion. She also has been promoting different venues and events across the valley for 6 years.

Alexandra wasted no time settling in with the company. She has locked in several events over the coming months with the first being on Thursday November 13th, 2014, for the Phenomz Hip Hop Desert Reign Awards Concert and Lingerie Fashion Show held at School Of Rock on Mill Avenue in Tempe, Arizona. With such a diverse company backing PEP, Ms. Munter has been able to explore all creative aspects of event promotion, and has greatly raised the bar on what promotional companies offer. Alex’s first decision immediately after being inducted as the company’s President, was not to set a budget for her own company, but for Phenomz Media Productions ran by Angie Racine. Her request, to invest into livestreaming technology that allows events to be streamed directly to the tablet, computer or cell phone of any individual who wishes to participate while home sick or running late to the event. Furthermore, Christian Phyfier has also been expanding his portfolio and investing in companies such as Elite DDS, a company that picks up intoxicated individuals and their vehicles and gets them home safely which is ran by CEO Austin Muscato.

It seems thus far that The PEP Squad is holding nothing back at making each event as live and entertaining as possible. Aside from the event Thursday, the company also will be releasing the November Edition of Phenomz Magazine. This is the third Edition of the mag and it is said to have the four award recipients and performers at School Of Rock event on the cover. Receiving the cover was apart of the award Phenomz Entertainment will give each year. Madison Nedved, is currently the President of Phenomz Magazine and CCO Franco Benally designs the covers.  The magazines are a great addition to the Entertainment Promotions side of the company as we can expect that many of the events will be structured around what is being featured or vice versa.

Check out a video of the performers Desert Reign Cypher to get a brief introduction to the performers style:

For those interested in seeing more about what PEP is doing and ways to get involved or attend an event visit Follow them on IG @PepSquad1 & @GlobalPhenomz or on

Tickets for the Thursday’s Award Show and simultaneous fashion show are available online here:…

Enter code: PepSquad1 for 5$ off the online ticket.

The Event is scheduled to air live at 9pm Thursday Nov. 13th:

9:00pm – 9:15pm [Sponsor Interviews & pre-show start]

9:15pm – 9:30pm [Performer Interviews]

9:30pm – 9:45pm [Model Interviews]

9:45pm – Pre Show Ending [Special Guest Interviews]

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