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Futuristics “Nerd Rapper” Exposes Creativity In Independent Hip Hop

26 Jun , 2015  

The days of seeking a major record deal are coming to an end as recording artists are beginning to use their ability to create viral entertainment to their advantage. It would seem almost lazy these days to take the easy way out and give up your freedom to create and develop your own system of revenue for a slave style contract that a major record label would offer. Unless you build your reputation and come to the table with hard numbers and a plan to negotiate.

Artists like Futuristic (@onlyfuturistic) are paving the way for new musicians to use their creativity and ability to collaborate to build their own reputation and develop a fan base. While the recording artist has half a million followers on Facebook, he remains humble in his art in understanding that fans gravitate to realness and people that they can relate to, and build some sense of friendship with.

Christian Phyfier (@ChristianPhyfier), the CEO of GPME Group (@GPMEGroup) states:

“The best part about Futuristic is that his fan base hasn’t made him untouchable on social media. He gets 12,000 or more comments and he reads and replies to the ones he feels are relevant. That’s rarely seen by most entertainers who have over 15,000 fans, nonetheless someone who has 500,000 plus.”

Independent entertainers today could take a lesson or two from what Futuristic has created for himself, especially in the difficult unsupportive Arizona market.  From style, creativity, passion, consistency, attitude and over all skill level Futuristic is amongst the few great Independent artists that deserves what he’s earned.

Follow him @OnlyFuturistic website:

IG @PhenomzNation @GPMEGroup

Providing a platform for exposure for independence!

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