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19 Sep , 2015  

It seems in today’s time to be a successful entertainer you have to be multi-faceted. In a recent conversation between our journalist team and the GPME Group’s CEO, Founder and Entertainment Agent, Christian Phyfier, he said he does not sign most clients unless they have multiple skill sets.

Shaina Wexler is beyond multi-faceted. Mastering music in multiple languages, dance, gymnastics and many other things.  While all of us besides our French CEO, couldn’t actually understand the lyrics to her foreign music, the vocals were beautiful. We love the range she possesses in her song “Réanimé“, and as we are sure it’s beyond difficult to write and sing songs in another language, she seemingly has it packed down!

Shaina is currently in the midst of an international concert tour and its said that she will begin recording her second album come November and just filmed the “Réanimé” music video in San Francisco which will premiere in a couple of months.

Make sure you go purchase her first album titled, “Tout ou Rien” which is available on all online distributions sites: iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Bandcamp, Emubands, Amazon Mp3, Google Play, Xbox Live to name just a few.

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