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1 Oct , 2016   Video

JReal Da Realest, a Phoenix artist who comes from South Central, Los Angeles, has released a new single titled, “Is this beef.”  The song is his savage rebuttal to New Age Politics’ song, “Exhausted,” released earlier this summer. The single was perceived to be dissing JReal Da Realest with lyrics being thrown around like, “Sayin’ you the realest, really you just the next con.” Because Jreal prides himself on being one of the realest in the game, he certainly did not take this accusation lightly.


“Is this beef,” is definitely not discreet about its purpose. He gets right to the point with the lyrics like, “Never question who the realest, and if I see you, you gon’ feel it.”  Jreal even goes so far as to actually call out Intellect: “Thought you were smarter than that, now where’s the Intellect.” This without a doubt shows some resentment toward New Age Politics.


While listening to JReal’s rebuttal, one can’t help but wonder if New Age Politics’ song was not intentionally calling out the rapper. They never said JReal Da Realest’s name specifically (although it could be argued that they did use part of his name). It could also be disputed that Intellect was simply calling out this new generation of rappers as a whole. The lyric from New Age Politics’ song, “Finding soulless rappers to expose them, that’s the only motive,” could be evidence of this. To really get technical, he did say that his only motive was to find soulless rappers (hinting at a group of rappers, not just one). Many have said it could have been a song to simply promote the group’s authenticity and set themselves apart from other rap groups.


There will definitely be more to come on this story… stay tuned!
In the meantime check out the rebuttal “Is this beef,”  and the video of JReal spitting a sick freestyle.  

Also if you haven’t heard Intellect’s track “exhausted” check it out here:

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