Feness Clothing Premieres Their New Collection By Victoria Briggs

11 Feb , 2015  

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The fashion world gets a new addition as Feness Clothing debuted their spring collection on Wednesday, January 28. The up-and-coming clothing line made the long awaited premiere on the young company’s website,

The collection includes top quality hoodies, t-shirts, joggers and hats. Highlights of the collection include black, red and white joggers with pockets and golden zippers. There are also two leather hoodies that come in red/black and black/white. Most of the clothing sports the Feness label, a name that separates the line from others. CEO and Co-founder Sylvester Tucker explains that the line and collection was designed for everyone interested in upscale casual fashion.

“The line is for people trying to be themselves and trying to be fresh.  We make clothes that are for everybody.”

The collection’s prices range from as low as $30 up to $125. Tucker describes the new fashion line as being high-end and high quality. The line came about when the founders began wearing their label in public and sparked curiosity to where the clothing could be bought. Both Tucker and Co-founder Osita Onyebuchi realized the potential of the brand and put their line into motion.

Feness, which stands for Freely Expressing Natural Extraordinary Sophisticated Style, represents the founders’ view of modern fashion. The duo and their team worked over a year and half to make Feness Clothing become a reality. Tucker said the company has been official for the last 10 months and is going strong.

Feness Clothing is based in Texas and is gradually taking the southwest by storm. The line not only sells on its website, but is working towards selling through several stores throughout the lone star state. Currently Texans can get the Feness gear at Fame, a store located in the Galleria Mall in Dallas.

“We’ve got several stores we are working on selling in,” Tucker said, “We’re eventually looking to have our line in more stores nationwide.”

The founders along with their team will be attending various events in the future to promote the line. Fashionistas and gurus can get glimpse of the line at an upcoming trade show in California on Saturday, February 28. Shoppers and fans can follow updates with the line through the website and the founders’ Instagram at Mr. Feness and OsitaFC.


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