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21 Sep , 2014  

Rich_Cole_GlobalPhenomzImagine a man with King Midas’s touch, where everything turned to gold. He touches the mic and from his lips he raps golden bars. He builds an empire on these bullions that birth more golden triumphs, leading to upward success. The streets of the nation are soon to be filled with golden sounds as the Bullionaire Rich Cole drops his lyrically bars on his upcoming album, The Rich Tape.

“Bullions are golden bars on Wall Street,” Rich Cole said. “Thus I want my music to represent a foundation of bars.”

Artist and Co-CEO of ABiatorz Music Group (ABG), Rich Cole is an artist that is building his musical empire based on his ability to deliver sound lyrics. He is a man that plans to flourish on his golden bars, hence the title of the album .

The Rich Tape will be the latest album of the Richmond, CA native. He considers himself a West Coast artist, travelling between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Rich Cole stays active between the cities as he completes the remainder of his album.

“Right now the album is 95 percent complete,” Rich Cole Said. “I’ll be shooting a video for every song on the album as well.”

The album is expected to be released the 3rd week of February, during the Grammy’s. It’s a hybrid album presented by DJ SKEE. Each song on the album is different, boasting distinctive lyrics and beats. The album continues to build hype as it features collaborations from Tory Lanes, Locksmith and Too $hort. More golden talent come through as Grammy award winning producers MyGuyMars and Bobby Ozuna, as well as Grammy nominated producer Jake One feature their talents.

He recently released the video, “Bullion (54 Gold Bars)”, a song that solidifies his position of an upcoming Bullionaire. He next video will be “Alcatraz” Behind Bars, filmed at the Alcatraz Island in San Francisco.

He explains the video as a metaphor for artists who are stuck behind the “bars” of releasing their music and gaining success in the music industry.

Whilst making videos and finishing the album Rich Cole allows his fans to track his progress with his TV episodes, Behind Bars. The episodes give a behind the scenes look of Rich Cole’s golden life. The midas touch continues as he grows his musical presence with a media run in LA.

Before Rich Cole was a Bullionaire in the making he was an ambitious guy with a plan. He’s been rapping since the age of 15 and began building an early presence. With college tours and and club performances, Rich Cole built a following and sought a strong presence through social media.

“My platform for music started with one idea of aggressively attacking social media,” Rich Cole said. “ I stay constantly involved with it.”

Fans all over can keep up with the social media maven through his Twitter and Instagram. And of course his website, here you can view Behind Bars and his latest music videos.

When it comes to his music, Rich Cole is glad that his art is able to be appreciated. He looks forward to the future of his music and hopes to see that golden Grammy one day.



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