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Featured Phenom Of The Week: Model, Dancer, Hairstylist & Entrepreneur Paris Rodriguez

15 Sep , 2014  

Paris is an absolutely amazing young woman. Her big aspirations and dreams have kept her on the move for the last 4 years in modeling and dancing and she continues to strive to do more. From what we found from this interview & can easily see from her personal Social Media pages, is that she is a non stop mover and shaker, literally.  From being a dancer for the growing pop star Lv Sharp, to handling business with her clients at the hair salon, Paris is the definition of a Phenom.  We got the scoop on her mentality in an interview below, check it out!

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Phenomz Interview w/ Paris Rodriguez


Strictly Business: 

What’s a day in the life of you consist of?

A: Wake up pack for my day haha go to work at the salon from 10-7pm(sometimes later), go to rehearsal for some sort of dance project, go home about 12-12:30am (sometimes later), eat check all my social meadia, get organized for the next day, go to bed and do it all again. It sounds boring lol but each day is different. Different clients, different rehearsals, different projects, its all different all the time and thats what keeps it so exciting for me.

What is your perfect day?

A: A perfect day to me would probably be a day of family, good friends and loved ones together out having fun. Lots of laughs crazy videos, silly pictures. Just good company.  Maybe something like a bbq, pool party type thing.

How long have you  been dancing and modeling?

A: For about 4 years now in 2015

Married / Kids / Boyfriend?

A: Nope, Nope, and Nope haha

Can someone give their all to being successful, while giving their all to a boyfriend/girlfriend? Or do you think one always gets more?

A: Absolutely they can. The goal is to find somebody that supports your dreams and goals and wants to help you achieve those goals and vise versa. When you truly love somebody or want that somebody in your life, you will always find the time for that person no matter how busy you are. Theres always a way if you want something bad enough.

What keeps you motivated?

A: My love for it all. The support I get. Those that I inspire, whether its 1 or 2 people.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A: Traveling alot dancing, and on the rights paths of owning my own business so i could have even more freedom and time go places i wanna go and do things i wanna do 🙂

What’s the most difficult thing you’ve had to overcome ? How’d you do it?

A: Insecurity, Stage fright, Fear. I got over it by simply growing to realize everybody goes through their own situations.  Everybody is afraid.  Everybody has been there no matter how tough they act and sound. Ive definitely had to go through different situations that allowed me to become wiser and grow to just be proud of who i am and confident.

If someone was blind and could only hear you speak, how would they describe you?

A: Positive

What would you tell someone who is aspiring to be where you are now?

A: Never give up. Never lose focus. Make and keep your contacts you make with every opportunity, but remember to never let opportunity control your loyalty. When you make a commitment to something, go through with it. Always communicate!

If someone is following in your footsteps to success, what past steps would you tell them to avoid?

A: Dont not take an opportunity or not step out of your comfort zone due to fear. You WILL hold yourself back from so much. You never know what can come from that opportunity.

What’s next for you? (Career, events, partnerships)

A: Short term goal, Treveling. Long term goal, owning my own business.

Goofy questions: 

If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, without getting fat, what would it be?

A: Mac n Cheese with extra cheese haha

BESIDES Christian Phyfier, Who’s your ultimate man crush Monday? sorry to make it difficult. Lol just kidding

A: hahaha oh so difficult. No but I do have  somebody i’d definitely say is my MCM but not mentioning any names lol sorry I’m lame I know haha

Flavor Flav, Marilyn Manson & Elton John. . .You have to be: Connected to one by the hip for the remainder of life, Marry One and massage ones feet. . . Go!

A: Id massage Marilyn Mansons feet so i can quickly get rid of his scary self. Lol then marry Flavor Flav cuz even though we are married i dont have to be with him or around every day. Haha And ill be joined at the hip with Elton John 🙂



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Music Video Features:

Shout Outs

I have soooo many names to shout out. So I will say I want to Thank EVERYBODY that has helped me and supported me to get where I am today and know that even though I didn’t name everybody, I truly truly do appreciate you all so much! But id really like to shout out Mr. Damien Hartfield and his step son Dominic for being the ones to invite me out to the very first video shoot that got me started in everything. As well as my amazing parents who have been there for me from the very beginning supporting everything I do no matter what people thought or said about me.

I love you all!

– Paris Rodriguez



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