Expanding Your Musical Horizons By Victoria Briggs

9 Jan , 2015  


Recently Twitter exploded with a barrage of users asking who Paul McCartney was. Not surprisingly, the resulting negative backlash of asking such a question exploded all over social media. After recently being featured on Kanye West’s song “Only One”, it turns out the Beatle was completely unknown to West’s fans. Whether this is because they’ve never heard of The Beatles or because they chose to ignore certain areas of pop culture, no one can know for sure but somehow these music fans didn’t know of the legendary Sir Paul McCartney. Still, instead of shaming those less musically fortunate, let’s choose to offer them some assistance.

“My advice is to use 2015 to explore music that’s outside your comfort zone and not overhyped by the radio.”

Mainstream music and artists have of course found their way into the earphones of everyone who doesn’t live under a rock. It’s hard to turn on a radio station, see movie trailers or commercials without hearing “Turn Down for What” or “Uptown Funk.” And of course Queen Bey’s songs and all “twerk” anthems of the year made their rounds. They’re popular and very likeable songs, but this year try listening to some not so recent, older, and much older songs. Try starting with “Eleanor Rigby” or “Hey Jude” (The Beatles btw). You can hear these oldies but goodies and many more being sampled by many of your favorite artists at some point in their careers. And yes, they will continue to sample them.

You could even try listening to some Indie music. The less glorified but just as talented indie artists are sometimes signed to independent music labels that are gaining more spotlight, but still remain outside mainstream music. They go against the norm and don’t give the typical beats or lyrics. Most have artistic freedom and have their own unique following.

To find these indie and other artists try listening to different radio stations or frequent some alternative clubs. YouTube, Spotify and other music services are great ways to help expand your musical selections and tastes. Try clicking on similar artists and music or even just Googling different musical genres.

“Just remember to stay open-minded and realize you don’t have to twerk to everything.”


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