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Diana Feria Sits With Phenomz Nation To Discuss Laziness In The Industry & Her Take On Dating & Focusing On Goals

16 Jul , 2015  

Diana Feria is an amazing all around creative spirited individual. Her music gives off an amazing vibe to the listeners and her voice is absolutely phenomenal! Phenomz Nation had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about what has made this #Phenom the way she is and get her take on some of the issues that current entertainers are encountering.

Phenomz Nation: Tell us more about you. How long have you been singing and what made you decide to take singing on as a career?

Music has been the most powerful force in my life for longer than I can remember. I am the daughter of a singing mother, so during my early childhood I would sing along to Venezuelan ballads that my mother sang and play on the piano with my father (also an artist) or my brother (talented singer, composer and producer Dan Silva) So I guess the desicion of being an artist (singer, songwriter, producer, designer) was already made before I was even born.

Phenomz Nation: Can you remember your first time performing and tell us what you were feeling? 

I was 7 years old when I performed for the first time at my school, it was a traditional Venezuelan song called “Ramon Castilla” that I had listened to sincPhenomz_NationDiana2e I was born. It’s funny how at such early age I was able to organize my own rehearsal and even prepare an encore song just in case “the crowd” (family and friends)  asked for another song. I was nervious, but probably for totally different reason that I would get nervious on the stage today.

Phenomz Nation: What do you feel it takes to become successful in this industry? What do you have that others lack, or don’t? 

 You have to know who you are and be aware of  your gift and the reason for using it. I think the rest will come once you are honest with yourself. “You can’t be lazy, you have to keep learning your craft, being in a healthy state of mind and to take care of your image and your message.”

To become successful in this industry also depends on your beliefs are on what being successful is. I want to be able to express myself and comunicate in different ways, with my voice, with my music, with my art and with my message to the World!

Phenomz Nation: Aside from singing what else do you like to do?

I studied plastic arts my whole life so I find joy when I paint, design or create something with my hands. I’m very handy 😉

Phenomz Nation: Do you have a boyfriend? Whats your take on spouses being a distraction from someone’s career?

It is always hard to be focused on what you are supposed to. Distractions are always there and it don’t matter if you are single or if you share your life with someone  there is always something slowing you down, and if there is not, we’ll make sure we have something to worry about!  

Right now my status it’s ” complicated” as I’m in the middle of two countries and I travel a lot. I’ve realized two things: If you are in love, distance doesn’t really matter. And if you help yourself, invest in yourself and love yourself you’ll have a healthy relationship and will be able to help others (boyfriend, girlfriend, partner..) without losing sight of your goal.

Phenomz Nation: What was the title of the first song you wrote? As you look back how do you feel about that song now?

I remember I borrowed a keyboard from a friend, I had just moved to another city and loneliness was hitting pretty hard, so the moment I got that keyboard I wrote my first song (I was 17) and it was called Desicions. It was the first time I was able to put my feelings on paper and sing it to other people was much easier than talking. I loved that.

Phenomz Nation: Where do you see your music career going? What’s your goals?

I am 30 years old now and my goals had changed a little bit. I feel now the need of teaching what I’ve learned, and helping others. I didn’t feel this way before. I want to use what I’ve learned in my life and create something beautiful so I can give a hand to upcoming artists and talents but also myself.

Phenomz Nation: Do you have anything coming out soon that we can look forward to?

I found my strength in my Latin roots and I want to show the World what I’m able to do with it, and with all I have learned in my twenty years dedicated to music so this year I will release my second album and it will be full of tropical rhythms and upbeat songs that will show the most natural part of me as Latin blood runs my veins

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