Check Out 6 Year Old Actress Kaya Rose Davis

18 Aug , 2015  

Kaya Davis. . Sounds like the name of a celebrity huh? This 6 year old actress and model is on her way to becoming just that!  You can tell merely by looking at her Instagram, the girl’s modeling abilities are soon to be endless. Her talent seems to be way more than a parent living their dreams through their child, but more so a passion that she has for the camera. GPME Group CEO & Agent, says that child actors and models aren’t just about how cute a child is on camera, but their ability to remain focused on set for long periods of time and to perform to adult standards each and every take. We think Kaya has what it takes, and we look forward to seeing this rising star in the future. Just remember we said it!


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  1. Sarah H says:

    Kaya is such a cutie with a HUGE personality! She shines wherever she goes!

  2. Karen Vehlewald says:

    She is beautiful.

  3. Diana Miracle says:

    Way to go Kaya! The first of many! ❤️

  4. Desiree Russell says:

    Kaya is an amazing young talent & I adore working with her!!

  5. Sharron says:

    Stunning. What an amazing write up she is definitely a rising star

  6. Janette says:

    Thank you for such a beautiful article.

    • Cindy says:

      i have been with kaya many times when she is not “kaya rose”. This is such a sweet funny loveable considerate energetic young lady. When she becomes “kaya rose” what an amazing beautiful poised professional she transforms into. Her official photographs are truly beautiful but so are the spontaneous ones mom takes with her cell phone. Both capture kaya perfectly

  7. Christina Draper says:

    Kaya Davis is just beautiful, love seeing all her hard work paying off! Keep the articles coming on her!

  8. Alonna Martin says:

    This is a great article and she is very beautiful. Good luck with everything and keep rocking it out

  9. Marleny Rivas says:

    What a beautiful and photogenic child.

  10. Lucy says:

    Kaya has what it takes to make it far in the business. She has the drive, the discipline, the passion and the natural talent to continue to move on up. Love seeing her in these write ups! Keep it up Kays.

  11. paige butler says:

    Love Kaya! Such a sweet kid and adorable!

  12. Edgar Gonzalez says:

    Hermosa a beautiful girl. She needs her own tv show.

  13. Sharleen Stockglausner says:

    What a wonderful article, about my beautiful and talented goddaughter!! Love you Baby Girl!!

  14. Tracey M says:

    I love seeing her puctures. She looks like a natural.

  15. Ruthie says:

    Such a great article! We love Kaya Rose! She is definitely a star⭐️

  16. Amy Arnold says:

    Proud of you Kaya! Abygail & I wish you the best of luck in your acting and modeling career. We will always cheer you on! Love this article and the beautiful little girl you are.

  17. Nathalie g Sancen says:

    She is so beautiful!!!

  18. magan says:

    Kaya shines like a dimond! She is such a talented, sweet girl. Keep reaching for the stars beautiful

  19. Lauritaa Florees says:

    I’m so glad i got to meet her and her mom..
    She’s way more beautiful than the pictures..
    and her attitude.. she’s definitely and angel

  20. Idalia says:

    I look forward to seeing more from this superstar🔭

  21. Angela Beattie says:

    Love this little model! I’ve been watching her blossom in her career for a long time! She’s sure to be a star!❤️❤️

  22. We have known Kaya for a few years, she has a great mom with lots of support. Kaya and her mother are both beautiful inside and out. Congratulations on all you have accomplished so far.

  23. Kelley says:

    Kaya is a doll inside and out!

  24. Cecilia says:

    What a great article! No Doubt that Kaya will have much success in this business. Keep shining little star.

  25. christy says:

    Pictures does this beauty no justice!!! Beautiful inside and out!!

  26. Shelice Gillard says:

    Way to go KAYA ROSE keep up the great work.

  27. Rissa Jane says:

    Have watched this star grow up from when she was a tot. Her skills continue to improve, and she shines brighter every day. <3

  28. Tanyette Watson-Cantu says:

    Kaya is a beautiful and talented little girl! Can’t wait to see all of the amazing things she is going to accomplish!

  29. Stacey linde says:

    So proud of you Kaya! You are a Supersta!!.Teeny Wingkini loves you!

  30. Cheryl says:

    She loves the camera – and the camera definitely loves her! Beautiful!!

  31. jodi Grosvenor says:

    That was a great article, she’s amazing and bound for great things. I’m so happy for her as I no u are. That’s so awesome.

  32. Shannon and Jayla says:

    Love you Kaya!!!!

  33. Barbara says:

    Very nice article on the beautiful Kaya Rose. She sure is a super star and has a long future awaiting ahead of her!

  34. Kaya is a beautiful & talented young lady!Great things will happen for this young lady☺

  35. ginny ward says:

    Cute sweet girl

  36. Traci Capps says:

    This is a beautiful article about Kaya! I have never seen a little girl so talented. It doesn’t matter if I see FB posts from professional photographers or just snapped pictures by her mom… Her natural beauty & poise stands out in both! She is gorgeous😀

  37. Brenda Fellows says:

    Kaya Rose is a beautiful child with a true gift for what she is doing.

  38. Stephanie says:

    Very good article. Kaya is a wonderful girl and my daughter and I miss her.

  39. Lisa Rodgers says:

    What a stunning and talented beauty! “In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths”. Proverbs 3: 6

  40. Karen D says:

    Beautiful and talented!

  41. Lynnette Tucker says:

    Kaya you are an amazing young lady. Follow your dreams girl. Proud of you and your accomplishments!

  42. Stacy G says:

    Absolutely stunning

  43. Jane says:

    Wonderful article about Kaya!

  44. Kim tucker says:

    She is fabulous!
    A winner!

  45. Denise says:

    Wtg Beautiful Kaya!

  46. Mark Joyeux says:

    As a professional photographer I recognize that “it factor” with this little girl.

  47. Chari says:

    Awesome soul! May she continue to shine and go beyond what it expected and desired in what she does! Go Kaya! Natural beauty! You rock girlie!

  48. Jamie Reiman says:

    Love this girl and her mom and we haven’t even met physically! !! Long conversations and text to her mom tells me that not only this little lady is confident in herself, she has a huge support system from her mommy. Keep shining bright Angel 🙂

  49. Lisa T. says:

    Kaya is amazing! We met her and her mother several years ago and just live seeing her pictures and all her adventures!!

  50. Teresa Suchecki says:

    Really proud of her and her mom

  51. Angela Kirkley Manion says:

    Thought it went threw when you first put it out. Great article about a talented young lady. We love her and know she’s going far.

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