Things 2015 Could Go Without

18 Nov , 2014  

[facebook][/facebook] Thanks to social media, there’s a list a mile long ranging from lingo to fashion that have been beaten into the ground. As we enter 2015, let’s say goodbye to some of the things that should be left in 2014. It be nice to walk around and not hear someone not looking for a […]


GPME Group Announces Phenomz Entertainment Promotions Is Here!

11 Nov , 2014  

[facebook][/facebook] PRLog – Nov. 11, 2014 – PHOENIX As Christian Phyfier and the GPME Group come upon the last quarter of the year, the announcement was made early September that there would in fact be another division of the Entertainment Group launching in November. January 2015 will mark the company’s 3rd year of operation and […]

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Busy vs. Effective How Do You Manage Your Schedule?

10 Nov , 2014  

[facebook][/facebook] Do you ever get the feeling that there just is not enough hours in the day? It seems that in our society today we are constantly on the move, running around all day just to try and accomplish sometimes only a handful of goals. Most of the time we feel like our tasks are […]


Support The Cause: Lost Our Home Pet Foundation Event December 6th

6 Nov , 2014  

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [10] [22], [2014]   Contact: Amy Rose Rey Call 480-318-6182   Helping Pets and their Families Lost Our Home Pet Foundation Hosts its annual Holiday Brunch and Auction   SCOTTSDALE/TEMPE, ARIZ. Lost Our Home Pet Foundation hosts its annual Champagne Brunch and Auction Saturday December 6, 2014. Bestselling author and HUMOROUS, INSPRIRATIONAL […]


5 Steps To Discover Your Life Purpose

6 Nov , 2014  

[facebook][/facebook] Have you ever wondered why you were here? Why you are sitting on this out of control spinning ball flying through space? There must be some reason why each of us is here, right?  While listening to a TedTalk by Adam Leipzig, I started to wonder, is there really a reason why we are […]


100 Most Influential People By Tyler Nishikawa

22 Oct , 2014  

[facebook][/facebook] When I was in my freshman year of high school I had a hard time balancing work and play. During middle school everything came so easily to me in school that when I got to high school I assumed that it would be just as easy, I was seriously wrong. Not only was the […]


Latest Trends In Music By: Victoria Briggs

22 Oct , 2014  

[facebook][/facebook] The trends of music have taken an interesting turn as the popularity of “ turnt” reaches new heights. With new artists constantly emerging, the sub-genre seems like it won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Fans of the music can be seen “turning up” as they listen to artists such as 2 Chainz and Future. […]

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Model & Professional Dancer Paris Shante Participates in Battle Of The Salons

18 Oct , 2014  

Paris Shante once again is doing her thing as we find her participating in the Battle Of The Salons Contest representing Vidogi Salon. The event is being held at Club Intl in Scottsdale, Arizona, where her salon has made it to Round 2 of the contest. There is one more round and then the finals, which […]

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Phoenix Artist “All Dollaz” Aiming For Success – Featured Phenom Of The Week

13 Oct , 2014  

The artist known as All Dollaz continues to make moves in Arizona as he and his growing record label line up performances. The CEO of Get Money Family Entertainment Label will take the stage Saturday, Oct.18th at Comerica Theater for the AZ Hip Hop festival. The festival takes place in Phoenix, AZ and will be […]


Rumors Director Abraham Doe’s Trial 2020 Tv Series Prepares For Theaters & Television in 2015

4 Oct , 2014  

Since the release of Trial 2020’s Episode 1 a month ago, questions have been swarming as to what will come next. Director Abraham Doe has given many hints on his Facebook page that episode 2 for the series is currently in post production and that possibly the series could be going to Theater and Television […]


This Weeks Featured Phenom is Elite Aces Clothing

29 Sep , 2014  

[facebook][/facebook] [twitter name=”name”][/twitter] Global Phenomz recently had the pleasure to sit with the Founders of Elite Aces, a clothing company based out of Arizona. As we sat with Founders, Phillip Jewell & Jordan Cooks, we learned the passion behind the brand. Much like the Phenomz Brand, Elite Aces has a certain foundation that inspires others […]


Melinda Ann On The Cover Of Phenomz Magazine September Edition

22 Sep , 2014  

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Featured Phenom Of The Week: Recording Artist Rich Cole

21 Sep , 2014  

Imagine a man with King Midas’s touch, where everything turned to gold. He touches the mic and from his lips he raps golden bars. He builds an empire on these bullions that birth more golden triumphs, leading to upward success. The streets of the nation are soon to be filled with golden sounds as the […]


Feminism makes friends with social media and music

18 Sep , 2014  

A feminism surge is starting a social change and for the better. In recent months the social push has been coming from all over and continues to influence popular culture. Social media especially has been a medium for those seeking equality for women. Through Twitter you could find an overload of voices on how it […]


Tyler Nishikawa: The Most Influential Words from Urban Dictionary

1 Sep , 2014  

Kids now and days say the dumbest things don’t they? Half the time you can’t even understand them. But hey if you’ve ever wanted to make contact with one of them you’re in luck, Urban Dictionary’s got your back! This site was created way back in 1992 to store the urban definitions to normal words. […]