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Serial Entrepreneur, Christian Phyfier, Successful Vs. Unsuccessful

15 May , 2017  

At the age of 28, Christian Phyfier has his hands in a lot of companies. From involvement in restaurants, entertainment networks 😉, domain registrar companies and more the kid takes advantage of every opportunity it seems. We sat him down to pick his brain on a ton of things. But to start, his belief on […]


OMGEEE’s Exclusive With JV Tha Truth

6 May , 2017  

JV Tha Truth is a dope new artist coming out of Baltimore. His music and style is definitely unique and he’s someone to look out for in the future! Q: From the outside looking in, who is JV Tha Truth? From the out side lookin in JV Tha Truth is a regular individual who has been […]

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“ALM” – D Mo “The Message Behind The Music”

30 Dec , 2016  

Young Arizona Artist D-Mo releases his Debut Music video “ALM” . The lyrics speak to so many in so many different situations but the laid back nature allows you to really listen to the message. Despite of everything going on in the African American community, he still says early that “We all matter” in the […]

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OMGEEE!! Model & Tv Host Alysia Amaya Talks Industry With Us, Check Out These Photos!

22 Sep , 2016  

Alysia Amaya has got it all: the drive, the talent and the intelligence. We interviewed her about her goals, influences and she even gave some advice to young people out there who are trying to break into the business. Read on below to find out more.   Who was your biggest influence when you were […]


“Coupled” Cast Member Alicia Blanco Gives Insight On Her Life, Career & What It Takes To Succeed!

29 Sep , 2015  

Phenomz Nation: What was childhood like for you?  Alicia Blanco: Amazing. I truly had the best childhood full of love and family… and food! I have so many incredible memories with my little sister especially. We had it good, real good. Phenomz Nation: What about your childhood do you think shaped your career path today? […]


From Gymnast to Singer & Actress, Phenomz Nation Features & Reviews Shaina Wexler

19 Sep , 2015  

It seems in today’s time to be a successful entertainer you have to be multi-faceted. In a recent conversation between our journalist team and the GPME Group’s CEO, Founder and Entertainment Agent, Christian Phyfier, he said he does not sign most clients unless they have multiple skill sets. Shaina Wexler is beyond multi-faceted. Mastering music […]

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Phenomz Nation: 10 Questions With Independent Model Izzy Lopez

31 Jul , 2015  

Phenomz Nation: How old are you and where are you from? Im 22 years old. Its always hard to answer this question because I’ve moved so many times as a kid. I was born in San Francisco, California. I was only in California for a few months after being born. I’ve lived in California, Maryland, […]

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A Little Sit Down W/ Gorgeous Independent Recording Artist Vanessa Jamison

24 Jul , 2015  

It’s not everyday you come across someone with the beauty, talent and enthusiasm for the life that you find in Vanessa Jamison. Discovered directly by our executives on Instagram, who described their liking for her skills as a “Talent Crush”. . . .whatever that means. Take it as you will, you can easily see that […]

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Diana Feria Sits With Phenomz Nation To Discuss Laziness In The Industry & Her Take On Dating & Focusing On Goals

16 Jul , 2015  

Diana Feria is an amazing all around creative spirited individual. Her music gives off an amazing vibe to the listeners and her voice is absolutely phenomenal! Phenomz Nation had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about what has made this #Phenom the way she is and get her take on some of the […]


Phenomz Nation’s Exclusive Interview W/ DJ Digga

14 Jul , 2015  

Phenomz Nation: How long have you been DJing and at what age did you decide that this is something you wanted to do? I have been DJing for about 13 years. I started to learn how to DJ when I was about 15 years old from my Aunts boyfriend at the time. At that time I […]


Phenomz Nation Interview with Producer Sean “Cool Ruck” Carter

2 Feb , 2015  

1. Are you just a music producer or do you take on any other aspects of music as well? ~ Yes I do have other roles. I am a label owner as well a writer/producer. My latest challenge is management but it’s still early so we shall see. Lol 2. What/who are your biggest music […]

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Phoenix Artist “All Dollaz” Aiming For Success – Featured Phenom Of The Week

13 Oct , 2014  

The artist known as All Dollaz continues to make moves in Arizona as he and his growing record label line up performances. The CEO of Get Money Family Entertainment Label will take the stage Saturday, Oct.18th at Comerica Theater for the AZ Hip Hop festival. The festival takes place in Phoenix, AZ and will be […]


South Carolina DJ Dreams Of A Different Success

4 Sep , 2014  

Enter the club and become hypnotized by the bouncing lights on the dance floor. Become enticed by the beat that fills the body and makes it move to erratic sounds. Feel the adrenaline rush as the bass comes closer, controlled by a music maven. In the midst of grooving bodies, beats and scratches there lies […]

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Candace Damiani’s Interview & Recent Photos

20 Jul , 2014  

Candace Damiani’s #TeamPhenomz Intro Video  

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PhenomzTv Episode: 5 W/ Arizona Rapper All Dollaz

21 Mar , 2014