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Ben Whitney’s Fans Ecstatic With Release Of New EP

13 Sep , 2016   Video

If you’re wondering who the next big artist on the scene is going to be, look no further! Introducing Ben Whitney from South Carolina, a fresh face in the music industry who is definitely making waves. The best thing about him is he is a genuinely great person, with a young soulful sound. His music goes beyond the stereotypical songs on the radio that only speak of breakups and negativity. The positive messages in his songs are sure to lift anybody’s mood and keep you in that mood all day long! It’s like you can’t be unhappy with his songs stuck in your head!

It seems that some of the best artists have the most humble beginnings. This is definitely the case with Ben.  He began making music with his friends and after realizing how good he sounded, decided that he needed some studio time to really get things off the ground. To cover the expensive studio fees, Ben sold a pair of his shoes for $150, and from the moment he step foot in the studio, everyone knew he was a natural.

Fans have been won over by his unique sound that can range from acoustic, to pop and even rock. Music aside, they have also been swooning over his charming but modest personality and good looks. There are definitely big things in store for this young man. Check out his EP on Itunes and Spotify today, and below check out his music video to his hit “Find Yourself.” 

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