Becoming An Entrepreneur

23 Aug , 2014  

There are many students who are graduating college, but cannot find a job in their field of study. Without a good job, how will they be able to pay off their student loans? As a result they are most likely working at the same minimum wage job that they had in college and still living at their parents’ house. It is as if they have taken two steps forward to be knocked four steps back. Having a Bachelor’s degree is no longer enough to get you that amazing job you always wanted. Then the question of what to do next might come into their minds. Many college graduates would be shocked to know that there are many opportunities out there that can provide a fulfilling career for them. One of those options is starting your own business. With the economy we live in now, many people are doing this. Any idea that you have can be turned into a successful business as long as it is something you know people will need or want. If it is something that is already provided, then think about how you can do a better job of providing it. This will obviously not be an easy task. Any business owner will tell you that you have to invest a lot of time and money into creating your own business.

The first step is brainstorming ideas and thinking about what makes a successful business. This involves a lot of research and a lot of your time. You have to be creative and make it something that you think you would enjoy as well. Then you have to ask yourself if this is something people would actually pay for or is this something that can be turned into a profit. If you want to eliminate competition, it has to be an idea that is unique. You can also think about if it will have a positive effect on people.



After you have discovered your idea, you have to create a business plan. When you present your business plan to investors, this will show them how serious you are in starting your own business. It will show that you are prepared and that you have done your part in the hopes that they do theirs. 



Now you have to determine your target audience or potential market. Think about who will use your business and how is can affect those specific people in a positive way. If the profit is smaller than the cost of starting your business, this is a sign that this idea will not be successful. If you think your idea will still be successful, then you can start thinking of potential problems that can come your way and all the ways to solve or deal with them. This also means learning the related laws and getting the proper licenses you need. Taking a few business classes or talking to a business owner would help.

When your business is ready to go, make sure to think of a budget and a goal that you would like your company to meet within a certain period of time. This provides something to achieve and as your company grows, you can set bigger goals. A big part of owning your own business is advertising. Advertise your company in as many ways as possible. Whether it be through social media or business events. Make sure to get your name out there and get people talking. This will provide you with better customer service skills and potentially more profit for your business. 




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