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“ALM” – D Mo “The Message Behind The Music”

30 Dec , 2016  

Young Arizona Artist D-Mo releases his Debut Music video “ALM” . The lyrics speak to so many in so many different situations but the laid back nature allows you to really listen to the message. Despite of everything going on in the African American community, he still says early that “We all matter” in the beginning of the song.

We sat down with him to get a little insight on the project and his views on whats going on in the community.

Heres what he had to say:

What inspired the lyrics to the song?

What inspired me to write All lives matter , was the every day struggle my people face when getting up in the morning and leaving their homes to enter a world where we are targeted for harassment, terrorism and ridicule from our own justice system in the United States.

Who were some of your favorite artists growing up?
My favorite artists growing up, will hands down be Tupac Shakur. His level of poetry and craft is simply out of this world and to this day is still on top of my Playlist in my phone. Also i  grew up listing to a lot of Ice Cube, to me Cube was a visionary with a lot of heart and emotion so it was easy to follow all of his songs and feel what he was going through.

Are you looking to sign a major deal, or do you want to remain independent?
: I love having the freedom to lay my own ideas down on a beat.  I feel signing a major deal will eliminate my free will to do so, so as of now i would like to remain independent.

Are you looking to sign a major deal, or do you want to remain independent?
: at this point in my career im struggling to find a producer that makes original beats that would be consistently for me.

Whats to come?
: My fans can expect a wide range of hip hop from me. Im not strictly rap, i do enjoy making R&B music and also soulful hip hop. Also my fans can expect originality from me, i feel the best songs come from within, when an artist takes concepts and puts them into poetry, that is exactly what I am aiming for. Although hit songs do take time, i will do my best on being as consistent as possible for my fans with hot new tracks every month. After ALM releases, i plan on releasing multiple tracks on social media to get my name out there, then from there i plan to do shows locally then ultimately begin to tour the world.

How do you feel the lyrics to this song apply to whats happening today in the African American community?

: ALM relates to whats going on today because i talk about whats happening in the urban community’s. As a black man I fear being pulled over by a white police officer because more times then not we are targeted and incarcerated or killed in an unlawful manner. When I said “I come in peace so let me speak but dont bury me” doesn’t only mean dont kill me, it also means dont lock me in a cage, slap me with a felony over something that can be fixed with a minor infraction charge, but instead they lock us up and give us the maximum sentence that ruins our future and therfore have no life because it got buried by the judicial system.

If there was a message you could give to young African American individuals trying to make it through to a point of success, what would you say?

: From one African American artist to another, my advice to you is master your craft and dont listen to negative people trying to hold you back. Do everything one hundred and ten percent because at the end of the day all you have is yourself.

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