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A Little Sit Down W/ Gorgeous Independent Recording Artist Vanessa Jamison

24 Jul , 2015  

It’s not everyday you come across someone with the beauty, talent and enthusiasm for the life that you find in Vanessa Jamison. Discovered directly by our executives on Instagram, who described their liking for her skills as a “Talent Crush”. . . .whatever that means. Take it as you will, you can easily see that Vanessa is headed for great things. Phenomz Nation is extremely happy to have gotten to know her before she becomes untouchable, and  our interview with her below will tell you exactly what we are talkin bout’. . . 

Phenomz Nation: So Vanessa, if someone was to look at you from a distance on any given day, and studied your personality what would they say about you?

Oh jeez… this is a hard one. I don’t want to make myself sound like I have multiple personalities, but I do! It depends on who’s around and what the situation is haha. For most people, I think they would describe me as outgoing, and goofy but also hardworking and focused. I’ve always been one of those girls who is friends with everyone, kind of a floater in a way. I have my tight group of friends but I’m very friendly and I love meeting new people. If I get too comfortable in my surroundings, you’ll get to experience my crazy goofy side!

Phenomz Nation: When did you recognize and begin to share your talent as a singer?

I actually grew up dancing in a studio at the young age of three…so music was always a huge part of my life. When I was about nine we took a trip to see my mom’s friend’s family in Florida where they caught me harmonizing with the radio in the backseat of the car. My mother’s friend was impressed and asked my mom if I was taking singing lessons and my mom just laughed and said, “no, I didn’t even know she could do that.” From then on, I put myself in choir at school and participated in some local musicals while I kept working my butt off in the dance studio. When I got into high school I realPhenomz_Nation_Vanessa_Rae2_convertedized that I really wanted to pursue R&B/POP music. I grew up in Portland, Oregon and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to train classically and given theatre opportunities but as soon as I graduated from high school I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my dream. The move to California has allowed me to express my talent and passion as a singer and performer

Phenomz Nation: What makes you pursue this career? Whats your favorite part?

I absolutely LOVE to entertain! There is no better feeling than being onstage and doing what I love. I have such a love for music and dance that I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Even from a young age I was a total show off. I think I was just born with it. I also thrive on being challenged. This career is not easy by any means and the industry is always evolving so there is always something new to learn as the industry evolves.

Phenomz Nation: How often do you practice?

I practice for hours and hours. As an entertainer you really never stop practicing. Even when I’m at the gym or riding in the car or in a waiting room I’m listening to new music or learning lyrics or practicing choreography. The practice part never stops.

Phenomz Nation: Who motivates or pushes you most to keep staying focused the way you have been?

Myself and my family. My whole family is supportive of me 100% and always have been. Over the years they have been supportive of my work ethic and my passion. Even when I’m feeling discouraged and need an extra kick in the butt, they are the ones who remind me how far I’ve come.

Phenomz Nation: What do you feel stops most people who are trying to achieve what you have? Furthermore, if they traveled the exact same steps and the same hard ships, when do you think their quitting point would’ve been? How did you get through that point?

I honestly think that the main reason someone would quit is a lack of support from family and at least a few good friends. It is an EXTREMELY hard industry and if you don’t have a support system behind you its even more difficult. Luckily I’ve always been blessed with my family and friends who believe in me.

Breaking into the music industry is challenging, networking and meeting the right people is crucial. When you hit a brick wall, spinning your wheels and it seems as if you are starting over again the disappointments can be real and you have to be able to roll with the punches and move forward.

“I’ve learned from each situation, gotten stronger and just moved on to the next opportunity.”

This is one great thing about Los Angeles, you will never run out of opportunities!


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