5 Steps To Discover Your Life Purpose

6 Nov , 2014  


Have you ever wondered why you were here? Why you are sitting on this out of control spinning ball flying through space? There must be some reason why each of us is here, right? 

While listening to a TedTalk by Adam Leipzig, I started to wonder, is there really a reason why we are all here? Now I’ve never been a faithful guy,  don’t believe in luck or fate or destiny so I’ve never put any thought into my “life purpose”. I always assumed people sought after their purpose in life to make themselves feel better, to give yourself a reason to stay on this ball of spinning rock. But while listening to Leipzig I started thinking, maybe this whole life purpose thing has some meaning behind it. 
I’m not interested in changing some bodies life or changing their beliefs, but I would like to share with you the points that
Adam brought to the discussion. According to Adam, you can discover your life purpose in five easy steps. Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself and see what happens.
The first step in our journey is the simple question, who are you? It may seem easy, you’re you. Done. But think about it critically, who are you? Do you even really know who YOU are? Most people I asked this question to answered ” duh my name is Blank Blankey you know that” but I did have one person answer me correctly. He said “well, I am lots of things. A father, a worker, a son there are so many things I am how can I choose just one?”. That’s the thing you don’t choose one, you are all of those things.

The next step is what do you do? By this point I hope you know that I’m not talking about your job and if you thought that go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done. If you’re still with me let’s change the question a little, what do you LIKE  to do? What is the thing or things you do that you enjoy? If you can’t think of anything then try this, what is the thing that you absolutely know to the point where you can teach other people?
Going right along, who do you do it for? This might take some time, but we need to know who you do this thing or things for. Be it a child, spouse or even yourself, who do you do this thing for?
Almost done kids, now what do these people (or person) want and or need? What is it that they have come to you for help with or that they can depend on you for?
Last step, how do they change or transform by the result of what you give them? How do you affect the person that you do the thing you do for?

There are a lot of questions here sorry guys. But if you know the answers to these questions you can determine your life purpose. Want an example? Here you go: this is not me by the way just an example!
I am a teacher, I teach grade school children, I do it for the generations after mine because they need to be taught so that they  have a better chance in this world. The children I teach grow from being uneducated to knowing a little more about the world, which will better prepare them for the challenges in their lives.
Now this is a fantastical example but you get my point, if you know the answers to these questions you can not only better understand yourself but better understand what it is you do in this world and how other people are affected by you just being here doing what you like to do.

Of course you don’t have to listen to me or Adam Leipzig, you can just call us crazy and move along and I invite you to do so if that’s the case. But having a little more knowledge about yourself never hurt, even if it isn’t your life purpose.


[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Tyler Nishikawa Journalist Phenomz Entertainment[/author_info] [/author]

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