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Monique Larson’s “Independence Is Freedom” Feature

31 Aug , 2015   Video Larson is a beautiful young entertainer with major raw talent! We initially found her for her modeling abilities until she accidentally disclosed that she could sing LOL. Below you can check out her photos and you can watch her feature video here. Find her on IG 


Check Out 6 Year Old Actress Kaya Rose Davis

18 Aug , 2015  

Kaya Davis. . Sounds like the name of a celebrity huh? This 6 year old actress and model is on her way to becoming just that!  You can tell merely by looking at her Instagram, the girl’s modeling abilities are soon to be endless. Her talent seems to be way more than a parent living their […]


Focus – “sIGHT&sOUND” Extended Retail Single Release

14 Aug , 2015  

Extended Retail Single Release from the album “aNALOG iN a dIGITAL wORLD” the A.R.M. / CREATE.Digital Music “Sound without focus is just noise.” IMMEDIATE RELEASE: LOS ANGELES, CA – 2x Grammy-winning, Aftermath Entertainment, producer, musician, Focus…(3dots), releases the single, “sIGHT&sOUND” from the album “A|dW” – an acronym for ‘Analog in a Digital World.’ “sIGHT&sOUND is […]

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Phenomz Nation’s Jalahl Jr. “Independence Is Freedom” Feature

9 Aug , 2015   Video

Jalahl Jr. is one of Phenomz Music Entertainment’s  (P.M.E.) first signed artists. His style is unique and his lyrics make the listener think twice. His artistry is unmatched and the company as always has believed that he is ahead of his time. His time will come very soon though and the world will hear his […]

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Jonathan Mercado “Independence Is Freedom” Feature

3 Aug , 2015   Video

Jonathan Mercado aka “Super Mercado” is a young Puerto Rican boxer. His work ethic and skill are phenomenal and his desire to win is unmatched. When ask why he fights he said, “I fight for my son and family, to show them that with hard work and dedication you can do anything.” Follow him on […]