Tips for Success: Retaining Information By Tyler Nishikawa

30 Nov , 2014  

[facebook][/facebook] [retweet][/retweet]   If you’re like me then you probably have finals coming up in the next couple of weeks. Again if you are like me you are probably going through these next couple of weeks wondering when the days started to get shorter and cursing your earlier enthusiasm for so much responsibility. Finals are […]


Phenomz Featured Artist Keithian & His Latest Single “The Weird One”

22 Nov , 2014  

Keithian - "The Weird One"

  Singer-songwriter Keithian just dropped his latest single “The Weird One” off his highly anticipated EP ‘Power’ that is set to drop in early 2015. The feel-good track compliments Keithian’s heartfelt lyrics and pop-soul sounds, while giving listeners his perspective on the power struggles we all go through when falling in love.   A New […]


Tyler Nishikawa: 5 Tips For Success

20 Nov , 2014  

A professor once told me that the key to success is using your time wisely and efficiently, and that if you have spare time in the day you are not efficiently using your time wisely. Of course you shouldn’t try to work yourself to the point of exhaustion, what he was trying to say was […]


Things 2015 Could Go Without

18 Nov , 2014  

[facebook][/facebook] Thanks to social media, there’s a list a mile long ranging from lingo to fashion that have been beaten into the ground. As we enter 2015, let’s say goodbye to some of the things that should be left in 2014. It be nice to walk around and not hear someone not looking for a […]


Reaper Rell ft Snoop Dogg Produced by Phenomz Producer T.Dot 4sheeze

11 Nov , 2014  


Phenomz Producer T.Dot 4sheeze produces “Like That”  Reaper feat Snoop Dogg.  Follow them: @reaperrell @snoopdogg @tdot4sheeze    


GPME Group Announces Phenomz Entertainment Promotions Is Here!

11 Nov , 2014  

The GP Shield, made to protect those pursuing their dreams.

[facebook][/facebook] PRLog – Nov. 11, 2014 – PHOENIX As Christian Phyfier and the GPME Group come upon the last quarter of the year, the announcement was made early September that there would in fact be another division of the Entertainment Group launching in November. January 2015 will mark the company’s 3rd year of operation and […]

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Busy vs. Effective How Do You Manage Your Schedule?

10 Nov , 2014  

[facebook][/facebook] Do you ever get the feeling that there just is not enough hours in the day? It seems that in our society today we are constantly on the move, running around all day just to try and accomplish sometimes only a handful of goals. Most of the time we feel like our tasks are […]


Support The Cause: Lost Our Home Pet Foundation Event December 6th

6 Nov , 2014  


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [10] [22], [2014]   Contact: Amy Rose Rey Call 480-318-6182   Helping Pets and their Families Lost Our Home Pet Foundation Hosts its annual Holiday Brunch and Auction   SCOTTSDALE/TEMPE, ARIZ. Lost Our Home Pet Foundation hosts its annual Champagne Brunch and Auction Saturday December 6, 2014. Bestselling author and HUMOROUS, INSPRIRATIONAL […]


5 Steps To Discover Your Life Purpose

6 Nov , 2014  

[facebook][/facebook] Have you ever wondered why you were here? Why you are sitting on this out of control spinning ball flying through space? There must be some reason why each of us is here, right?  While listening to a TedTalk by Adam Leipzig, I started to wonder, is there really a reason why we are […]

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Featured Video: 2014 Desert Reign Music Video/Cypher By: Angie Racine

1 Nov , 2014  


  The 2014 Desert Reign Concert and Fashion Show Going Down November 13th. Get your tickets today! Use code “PEPSquad1” and get 5$ off! [button link=”″ type=”big” color=”purple” newwindow=”yes”] Link text[/button]  Get your tickets today! [button link=”″ type=”big” color=”purple” newwindow=”yes”] Link text[/button]

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